Interview: Terrence F.: ‘A Love Supreme’

Hailing from The I.E. (Inland Empire CA), Terrence F. wants to capture your ears, hearts and minds with his passion and love for music. The 22 year old artist has been giving us a piece of him since he was a teen. If if you haven’t heard his name then you will start hearing it a lot more around these parts because TF is an Official CSNW Affiliate. Not only can he rap his ass off and is a passionate about his music, life and even more about his fans. TF. is a really good friend of mine and i appreciate his love for music and we really have something good here. I got to sit down with TF and talk about a number of things his music being the first, recent upcoming events, what he thinks about being a local upcoming lyricist coming from our area. Must say I am inspired to be friends with such a talented and driven individual.I realized that music for him isn’t just a hobby or something to do on his downtime, this was his LIFE. Me myself was intrigued by his music sense and why he picked this avenue of music instead of another route.

This is a MUST READ for any TF fan. Enjoy.

Before I met Terrence I became a fan of his music which instantly caught my attention because he had something to say. Not just about anything, this kid had a story to tell, his. Funny part of this story is that I remember seeing the back cover for his first project This Beautiful Mind online somewhere and passed it up. I was soon sorry that I did that so quickly. This project showcased his writing and story-writing abilities and brought together the true essence of a mixtape. Rhyming over Dilla instrumentals and talking about past relationships, twitter crushes and everything else and more. His second release Part II (The Dream State) encompassed a different side of Terrence and what was going on in his life. The catchy hook sequel to “The Casual (What Love Is)” gave us a different side to his long term relationship. The wide awake anthem “Bring The Horns” give us a real raw boom-bap sound that TF delivers throughout the rest of the disc. There’s as always a theme that stays continuous as well Dreams, we all have them, day dreams, when we sleep, good and bad. TF gives us a glimpse of a man’s life who contracted HIV from having unprotected sex with women on “Deficiency” which actually is a day dream in itself. He also touches on real issues that happen every day that we choose to ignore on like same sex marriage on “Ills of the Word”, and my favorite record off of the project “Build & Destroy” lets us in on his personal life and the relationship with his brother.

To tell it like it is TF added me on twitter last fall and told me he liked the site and he was trying to get more fans onto his music and asked if I could spare some time for a listen. I took some time out and did just that. I was blown away from the sounds and the level of artistry that was coming from a kid that resides in my backyard. To be 1000% honest I really hate when I listen to someone’s music and it’s all about money, drugs, gangs, cars women, you know the cliché shit. On one side of it there is a lane for fantasy, but there comes a point where you have to come back to reality and face life. Kind of reminiscent of ATCQ mixed with New School Common but one thing stands out about Terrence, his passion and love for music speaks VOLUMES.

His latest project “Enigma” also pushes the limits on everything we know or think we know about the world around us. It was a lot darker for the sake that the songs had a more serious tone to me. To stop dead in my tracks I have to say that TF was releasing songs that didn’t make his past projects randomly through his Twitter and I would post them up here. There were so many that I lost track at the time so I asked him for all of the ones that had missed. All of them actually qualified to make a good amount of material to put together a full length project. This became the birth of “Enigma”.

There it was, a collection full of songs about the past, the present and his future. The stand out record and arguably the best song that he has ever written “Bill Maher” challenges the touchy subject of Faith and personal belief. The one thing about this song is that it can be taken as a couple ways. I’m really going to let the record speak for itself. I will say that if you have ever watched “Real Time: With Bill Maher” you will have an idea of what path this song took. Even though it’s such a deep and passionate song about a REAL LIFE ISSUE that can cause come controversy. So much trouble can even lead to losing fans, and being called a lost member of Odd Future as Terrence did. I don’t understand how an artist with GOOD music can be pushed out of someone’s ear off of one song about some real life shit. I don’t get it. I feel as if everyone is entitled to their own opinion, that’s the beauty of this thing we call Hip-Hop. It is our freedom of expression.

‘Bill Maher’

The one thing that stuck out to me in TF’s material is that he rapped about real life experiences but in his own unique way. Everyone goes through hardships in life that’s evident, but not all artists choose to share them in their music. Terrence however has had no trouble letting them stand out over any beat. After getting up with TF I then realized that music for him isn’t just a hobby or something to do on his downtime, this was his LIFE. I myself was intrigued by his music sense and why he picked this avenue of music instead of another route. Like this dude is REALLY passionate about what he does you know? And he’s not going to let anyone stand in his way because he is going to do what he wants at the end of the day, and I’m 1,000% behind him in whatever he does right now.

Although he is only 3 projects in, I feel that if he has already transformed his music into something concrete and can mold this to fit his listeners anyway that he chooses. Straight up, TF is talented, and it’s about time that the world sees just that. When he asked me to be his DJ and business partner back in June, I was HONORED to be a part of his circle and I was really excited to get to work with him and see what the kid is all about. He then told me he had plans of a artist coming out event/t-shirt release/showcase late July and I told him that I was down to work. People won’t have a single clue about what’s about to hit them within the next coming year and I’m crazy excited for what we have in store for you guys. Not just saying that because I’m his friend and business partner, I believe in the kid.

Cal State Dominguez Hills’ AGNB Radio invited him to talk about his creative process and what his thoughts about his own music. Below is a peice of it, peep the full thing here.

Terrence F. Interview AGNBRadio from Anthony Edwards on Vimeo.

I hate talking like I don’t know TF personally because I think that he is a bright kid with an even brighter foreseeable future. Rather than me telling you guys how great this kid I figured that since I’m his DJ I might as well tell him what I think about him. I feel as if you are an incredible artist and you have the potential to catch people’s ears and hearts at the same time. We’ve been practicing this set for about 2 months now and both of our minds together makes us unstoppable. It’s crazy how much I’ve seen you progress, not only as an artist but as a human being. I thank you for giving me the opportunity to work alongside with you. all this hard work is about to pay off my nigga. Thank You, we got this.

So without further adieu, CSNW presents to you Terrence F.:’A Love Supreme’

First off, for the people that don’t know exactly who you are and what you represent, let them know.

TF: I really don’t know how to answer this question. I represent myself. That’s it. I represent me and anybody else with unrealistic dreams. I hate being ‘realistic’. It never led to anything great.

As an artist coming up on the west coast, how does it feel being around an endless amount of talented people?

TF: It’s cool. I don’t think about it often though, especially not on a competition level. AND NO, THIS IS NOT ME SAYING THAT I’M ABOVE ANY COMPETITION. It’s just that I’m tryna impact an entire culture. An entire CULTURE. That extends across the WORLD. So I can’t really say that i slow down to think about ‘West Coast THIS, or West Coast THAT’. If you think regional, then that’s all you’ll ever be. A regional hero. But yea….it’s fun. I look forward to meeting a lot of these dudes to tell them “I appreciate what you do.”

With an influx of “bubble gum artists” and label gimmicks, do you believe real hip-hop is dead? Why or why not?

TF: People have to realize that Hip-Hop is never gonna completely die out. It’ll just change a million more times than it already has. It’ll change to the point where it’s hard to even recognize that it was Hip-Hop in the first place. Just like how the Blues evolved into what we know as Rock n Roll. When the ‘golden era’ of the 1990’s was prominent, I’m pretty sure that guys like Big Daddy Kane and a bunch of those older guys weren’t COMPLETELY satisfied with it. Hip-Hop has to change in order to grow I guess. I don’t even know what ‘Real Hip-Hop’ is. Nobody does. You know why? Because it doesn’t exist! It never did. It’s just an opinion! One that differs from person to person. I’m not one of those ‘Hip-Hop Head’ niggas runnin’ around. It was never that serious to me. I love it all.

But to answer your question, ‘Hip-Hop’ can preserve itself if its artists stop signing these contracts. The labels are responsible for the bubble gum shit. These labels only have power because we GIVE it to them. BUT, now with the internet becoming a dominant source of where people get their music from, we SHOULD be realizing that the power is shifting back into our hands. That’s why these labels are forcing these artists to assimilate to a commercial sound. They know that their days are limited and so they want to squeeze out the little bit of money left to be made. Root word of commercial is COMMERCE. Commerce = dollar signs. These big time labels are tryna cash out before they dash out, you know?

Favorite project of 2011 so far? Least favorite?

TF: LOL! This is one of those Lose-Lose questions. Fuck no, I’m not answering this shit!

LMAOOOOO man you ain’t no fucking fun! 

Ok. Thats understandable. I’m sure that would make you work harder and be in the same category as those in the West, right?

TF: Not exactly….like I said, I don’t sit back and think about what everybody else is doin’ on the west coast. I look at whom I consider to be the best and say to myself, “Ok, that’s where I need to be.” It doesn’t take me being around a certain class of artists to realize where i want to be. I knew where i wanted to be when I was in the 8th grade.

So, looking back at last week,

Riverside got the first live performance of Terrence F. in action last week at The Common Ground. How did you feel about it after watching some of the footage? Were you pleased? Anything you think you should work on?

TF: Fuck yea I was pleased. Very. Was it the absolute best performance I could have done? No. But you have to understand that that night was a release for me. All types of emotions that have been contained for 22 years of my life….and I got to release them all on that stage that night. Fuck how the performance looked, it FELT unlike anything I have ever felt/ever will feel. I had some personal issues that I needed to let out. Shit was live man. Real live. When I looked at the footage, I couldn’t believe it was me. I watch it at least 30 times a day. No exaggeration.

Man thats great, you seemed like you had the time of your life, we enjoyed watching you up there. It sets the stage (literally) for the July 30th event below.

So for the people who are unaware of what’s going down July 30th, can you explain where and what we can expect from that night?

TF: July 30th is the day I’ve been waiting for my whole life. Riverside Plaza at the Humidor Boutique. A joint collaboration between myself and Malice Apparel & Accessories. Performing all my favorite shit. It’ll be alotta energy. ‘Lotta emotion. ‘Lotta vulgarity. Alotta fun. I wanna say it’ll be alotta BADD BITCHES up there but you know….you never really can predict that.

For those who don’t know, what is the title of your next project, when is it going to be released, and what can we expect from it?

TF: As of right now, the title of my next project is still unclear. I THINK I know what I wanna call it, but i’m not 100% concrete so I’ll just leave it at ‘Untitled’ for now. Not sure on an exact release date either. I have no label pressure so there’s no need for me to blurt out some deadline that I may not even be able to fulfill. I’ll just put it out when I feel it’s necessary. Could be in a couple months could be in a year. Who knows? But what I CAN tell you is that I’m planning to create one of the greatest pieces of work that music has ever heard (I got alotta nerve, right?). New rhyme schemes, more intricate stories, bigger beats, better lyrics. These days, I’m rapping like I have a point to prove. And I do. I think everybody will be surprised with my growth as a writer.

Will we get any new material within now and then?

TF: Yes.

Any other projects that you have in the works you could let us in on?

TF: I’m workin’ on this project called ‘Love is Automatic’. That’s coming before my next official drop. It’s gonna change the way you think. Watch.

What is one thing that keeps you going to make the music that you do?

TF: When supporters listen to a song like ‘Past Due’ or ‘Heart On Fire’ etc, and say “Yoooo….that’s my life right there in a song! You just summed it up.” There is no greater feeling than that. It makes me realize that I’m moving in the right direction.

What is the most important lesson you have learned in making music?

TF: To NOT EVER MAKE MUSIC UNLESS I HAVE AN EXTERNAL HARD-DRIVE HANDY! ALWAYS BACK UP EVERY SONG THAT YOU MAKE! I’ve lost so many songs that way. Songs I’ll never get back. Damn. You probably thought I was about to give you some morally rich response, huh? Nope. Backing up your files really is one of the most important things to remember in music though.

If you could work with 3 people (alive or deceased) on a future project, who would it be and why?

TF: I would make an album with 3 Dilla beats, I would produce about 5 songs and I would have Salaam Remi produce the rest. On one of those Salaam Remi beats, Jay Electronica would be featured. Amy Winehouse would sing on the hook. Wait, that’s four people huh? Fuck it.

As far as the creativeness as an artist goes,

What was your writing and recording process throughout your projects?

TF: I just kinda write whatever I’m feeling like. I don’t know…..I really don’t have a secret method of writing. It differs. Sometimes I don’t write anything down, sometimes I do. Depends on how I’m feeling. I’ve recorded every single song I have straight into my MacBook Pro with the built-in mic though. In my car. An enclosed car is great for sound insulation, too. Garageband is God. I love the imperfections that it leaves in the vocals. I have no plans of changing my recording method anytime soon. Apple is gonna endorse me.

Switching gears right for a second, 

If you were stuck on an island for the rest of your life and you had 5 albums to listen to, what would they be?

1. Erykah Badu’s ‘Baduizm’

2. Amy Winehouse’s ‘Frank’

3. Ghostface Killah’s ‘Pretty Toney LP’

4. Queen Latifah’s ‘Black Reign’

5. Me ‘Part II…The Dream State’

If you could take one woman out on a date, who would it be and where would you take her?

TF: Vashtie. Vashtie Kola. Is the most beautiful piece of woman that this earth has ever seen. As far as where I’d take her? POUNDTOWN. It’s a really remote place. Not a lot of people know about it.

Nice. She was actually featured as Cutie Of The Week a while back, and yeah we can definitely see why you made that choice. Not bad at all.

Any plans for a tour soon?

TF: I would love to. I’m actually tryna put somethin’ together right now, but nothin’ is set in stone yet.

Any local collaborations in the works musically or external?

TF: Shoutout to Malice Apparel & Accessories. That’s family.

Where do you see your music going within the next couple of years?

TF: I don’t know….however, I’m not about to be one of those dudes rapping ‘til I’m 35. First, imma get my foot in the door of this music business, then imma move onto acting. After acting (and still producing), I’ll move onto scoring films. Within the next couple years though, I’ll be exactly where I’m supposed to be, wherever that may be. Only God knows..

As for your supporters, would you like to say anything to them in appreciation for their support?

TF: There were times where I stayed up for two days straight without a meal, working on the hook for a single song to impress YOU guys. When my family turned their backs on me because I wanted to pursue a career in this field, you guys were the only people willing to even fuckin’ TALK to me. They would accuse me of being on drugs because I would never come out of my room. Only if they knew that I was in there trying to create history. I gave up my social life. I gave up dating (for the moment). All so I could improve my craft just to impress……you all. Each and every person who’s lended me their support. Much love, from me to you.

And there you have it, Terrence F. at his finest. I have to say that its a pleasure to know this dude. I’ve never worked alongside an artist to coordinate and prepare for any show that we are about to put on for you guys later this month in Riverside @ The Humidor Boutique. TF is a great friend and an even better artist. He will not let his fans down because i won’t let him. We hope to see everyone there July 30th, it will be one HELL of a show. 1ove. – AQTxCSNW

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