KanYe West Debuts New Women’s RTW Autumn/Winter 2012 Line In Paris

You ain’t got no leather nigga??? Ha! That and a whoooole lotta back is what Ye’s new womens RTW line seems to be. Some color and fur in there as well. I already know that PETA will be knocking at his door as soon as they see these pictures if they aren’t already on their way. Anyway, the line looks pretty dope and it’s interesting he’s been keeping it really tight-lipped and secret about it.

When he premired the line back in september many critics had something to say about a couple of the looks or the whole line in general. Either way Yeezy did his thing out in Paris and fellow colegues such as Diddy, Kim K, Big Sean, Rosario Dawson and Alica Keys were in attendance to show support. I personally think the line looks good, classy but very street as expected.

I’m not into women’s fashion at all but I can tell you what looks good in my opinion and what doesn’t. These are decent and I’m hoping that he is satisfied witht he results regardless of what others say because you KNOW how he can get. I’m also still upset with him scrapping his Pastelle line and still hopeful about that making a comeback. *crosses fingers*

Small write up from the show: Paris Fashion Week: Kanye West and Check out more looks from the show here.

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