The Beat Garden Presents: Italic(f)

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This week in the Beat Garden, we have a producer by the name of Italic(f). This Barbados born producer gives us a taste of some dope experimental sounds that feels perfect in today’s Hip Hop landscape.

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Where were you born and raised? Where do you reside at now?

– I’m from Barbados, I went to the same school as Rihanna haha, I talked to her like once but yeah. I’m still here, for now.

What were you first glimpses into producing and what really got you into producing as a full time thing?

-Go to Youtube and search “9th wonder making a beat (part 2). That. Then I remember I’d search for all the samples of songs that I like and just be amazed by how the producers crafted it into the end result.

What is a common producing session for you like?  What’s the whole creative process like behind your beats?

-I’m not going to be all “It depends on my mood blah blah” for me it’s pretty impromptu. If I start playing with a sample or a drum pattern or something anything can go from there.

You mentioned to me that you also rap on the side. Do you approach producing and rapping with a whole different mentality?

-Yeah I rap too, I actually started rapping before I started making beats. Yea it’s a different approach. It’s not impromptu at all. Usually it’s experiences or thoughts that I’ve been pondering on. Like in Lazy Palms when I said “I wonder how much it cost em to bomb Boston” or in Where The Kings Roam where I speak on alot of personal stuff where only my close circles understand.

Your beats are experimental, but in a very good way. Was that a conscious decision to make those types of beats, or did you stumble upon that style somehow?

-Those are my favorite types of beats so I usually would gravitate towards making that type of music, but as I said earlier anything can happen. Sometimes I might get on my 9th Wonder or Mike Will s**t lol.

Who are some of the producers you look up to/still look up to when crafting your own music? 

-That’s tough, I listen to so much music and I like alot of producers Uhhh, Toro y Moi, I listen to alot of Neon Indian, Jet Age of Tomorrow, but Kanye is the God

So you’ve worked for Fool’s Gold in producing tracks. What artists have you worked with and how did that all come about?

– I can’t really disclose too much on that lol but one of my friends was at an RL Grime set and he told a guy well, check out Vantage Point (The EP where I rap) or whatever. He really liked it ,he contacted me, unfortunately plans couldn’t work so I ended up sending them beats. I think some guys up there might use them, I’m still really close to them though.

Who are some rappers that you are interested in producing for in the future?

-That’s an infinite list haha. Definitely Earl …Yeah definitely Earl.

What equipment/program(s) do you prefer to use when working on music?

-Midi Keyboard and a microphone I have an MPC 1000 as well

What things can we look forward to seeing you work on in the near future?

-Vantage Point II Definitely, sometime early next year and I’ll definitely be making beats throughout.


Check out more of Italic(f) via his Soundcloud and download his Vantage Point EP here.

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