Update: Nike Marty McFly “Nike MAG” (Sketches)

In regards to our earlier post on the “Nike Air MAG” some pictures have surfaced. More shots over @ HypeBeast.

Cool Stuff: Nike’s Top Secret “Marty McFly” Project

In the last year or so I’ve seen Nike make some crazy moves in the direction of the future. The “Future” is right if you’re referring to Michael J. Foxx’s Science Fiction movie series “Back to the Future”. In November of 2009, Nike filed a patent for the technology that would even make Marty McFly shed time tears of joy. The dream is create the “Nike MAG”. Somewhat similar to the one that Marty wore in the movie. I’m blown away by this to be honest. Which is why Nike Inc. is the BEST athletic company in the WORLD. And of course all of this is coming from a former employee, either way back to live action.

So within recent days Nike let out this viral “Marty’s Closet” video as a precursor to what the “future” has in store. The BEST part about this is that Tinker Hatfield has his hand in this project which is amazing. If you don’t know who Tink is then you better check them Jordan’s on your feet, because he also had a hand in designing those as well.

Now we have the present, Nike has sent out these and told us that “It’s About Time“. Implying that it’s time to get the ball rolling on this LEGENDARY project. They sent out these packages today along with these cool metal shades to gear up for the projects unveiling which will be happening later today. Keep it locked here for more info, until then peep the pics of the patent they filed down bottom.

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